How Search Engine Marketing (SEO) Benefits Local Businesses In 2017

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization in full. It refers to the process of achieving website traffic from search results generated by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The search engines are distinctive because they give an internet user the targeted traffic. The outstanding results are commonly referred to as organic, natural or earned. The higher a site’s rank is on SERPs, the greater the number of visitors who in the long-run can become clients. There are other types of traffic like social media, most commonly Facebook and Twitter that can also generate increased visits to your website. SEO, however, is the primary source of traffic for a significant number of internet users. It doesn’t matter whether your site provides products, information, content or services. For instance, 61% of consumers conduct an online search of a product before deciding on buying it Most local businesses ignore this tool, and some rarely update their websites, leave alone using SEO.

Some of the factors that might force a local business not to invest in a Vancouver seo expert may be

  • Failure to understand the concept of SEO, especially for a new business. These firms are mostly those that deal with products and services outside the technology sector.
  • Limited time- it is important to note that optimizing a website is not an easy process. It is time-consuming and may require the services of marketing departments, something local businesses don’t have. A website needs to be up to date with new content and changing algorithms.
  • Impatience — SEO is a long-term process and bears results after quite some time. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme as viewed by some people.

SEO embraces creative and technical elements that are necessary for improving traffic, ranking, and awareness of the sites in the search engines. When an internet user searches for something, the search engines display primary results. In the results, the user can have access to web pages, pictures, and local listings that are shown and ranked according to relevance to the user. The search engine ranks the results based on what they consider to be most relevant. You may lose on a lot of opportunities regarding driving traffic to your website if the event that your website cannot be found by search engines or add your web content to their big database. Site relevance depends on content, performance, authority and user experience.

When doing marketing activities, it is advisable to focus on SEO because it is tree and can have an enormous positive impact on publicity, exposure, and revenue. Search Engine Optimization is a sensitive subject as it can either give you thousands of visitors and clients or make your site disappear in search results where traffic is very limited. You should avoid keyword stuffing, poor user experience and purchased links.

Some of ways SEO benefits local businesses include:

An improved, robust and user-friendly website.

A faster, better and friendly site will make both your users and search engines happy. happy for the user as the site will be focused on them and give them a better user experience. Search engines will be happy because their aim is giving users the relevant information they want. A well-arranged, relevant and uncluttered website will attract a visitor and make the visitor stay on the page for longer. Longer stays will significantly increase page views and reduce bounce rates. Visitors like it when a website addresses everything they are looking for to avoid visiting several pages for the same. First impressions are therefore vital. They lead to loyal customers who will help your business grow by recommending your services to their friends and family.

Bringing more customers which increases growth.

Every business aims at growing bigger and reaching many people. Studies show that a company with a well-structured website is twice as much likely to grow faster than companies lacking sites. Search Engine Optimization helps in this by giving your superior rankings on search results pages. Improved rankings mean more visits and ultimately more customers. The rankings can also aid in improving brand awareness for your website as sites found on the first page of SERPs are more trusted. SEO links you up with customers who are looking for a business like yours. The keyword you targeted becomes a major factor here as the consumers are looking for either the product or service related to it. Lack of growth of a business is dangerous because the existing clients may disappear.

Higher Return on Investment on your business’ marketing.

It is wise to invest in SEO because it has an excellent rate of return when put head-to-head with other marketing techniques and promotions like print advertising and campaigns. You only need to spend a few hours and a small amount of money to achieve this. Traditional marketing methods are expensive and do not give guarantees. People will always skip television ads even if they are played strategically between their favorite programs or prime news. To be precise, about 86% of television viewers skip ads while roughly 44% of people have never opened direct mail. From the statistics, it is clear that Search Engine Optimization is very efficient and less costly type of marketing. People hate television ads because they disrupt their favorite shows dislike unsolicited mail.

Enhanced conversion rates.

SEO-optimized websites are a favorite among many users due to their excellent display and compatibility with many devices including smartphones and tablet. They also load faster and are easy to browse. Unlike previous years where many people accessed the Internet using personal computers, people prefer using their phones for the same as they are convenient and more portable. Quickly open sites increase the likelihood of visitors turning into subscribers and loyal customers in the long-run.

Creating brand awareness.

Higher rankings on SERPs make your potential customers earn your trust as opposed to brands that lack a remarkable web presence. Search engines can either promote or kill your brand, and it all depends on your Search Engine Optimization techniques.

brand awareness sign for seo
Green brand awareness sign for search engine optimization

Reducing competition.

Websites have become a favorite when customers want to find news and information about their preferred brands and products. A website makes you a step ahead of your competitors by giving your customers what the others are net It increases and strengthens customer base. Two businesses can engage in the same type of product lines and similar pricing methods, but one with an optimized website will always emerge as the winner.

Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Strategies for 2016 – 2017

Search engine rankings keep changing from time to time to ensure that you are regularly posting quality content and your site stays in a good way. That is why it’s always important to stay in touch with updates to incorporate new SEO tips so as to improve your site performance in the search results and avoid any imminent penalties. Whether you want to get or continue staying on top of the search engines results this year, here are top SEO strategies for 2016.

Best SEO Strategies for 2016

Improve your onsite content

The best way of acquiring great traffic to your website is by ensuring that you create authoritative content that is valuable to your visitors. Some of the key things to consider in producing quality content that is user friendly and encourages social media shares is avoiding duplicate content, removing excessive or spammy content, and considering long-form pages. When creating your content, also be able to let Google know where you are located since nowadays Google pays attention to not only what someone is searching for but also where they are located, such as beautiful Victoria BC

Social content gains more prominence

When it comes to search engine optimization there are two important aspects, on-page and off-page local SEO. Nowadays, social media greatly affects the way we interact online. That is why search engines are now counting on them to measure the relevance of your content through analyzing how many likes or shares you get. It is estimated that 76 percent of marketers already use social media to boost Victoria bc seo. With that, be prepared to collect and use social content for optimizing your page since more social media content will soon be indexed on search engines.

Mobile optimization will become crucial

More and more people are using mobile devices to surf the internet. That is what made Google perform a major update known as Mobilegeddon which required people to have a mobile version of their website by April 21, 2015. This was a step to make it easier for mobile users to find mobile optimized websites by using mobile-friendliness as one of the factors determining search results rankings. Therefore, website owners are encouraged to develop responsive designs that will increase the websites loading speed on all mobile devices.

Videos still rule

It is estimated that videos make a total of 62 percent of all Google searches universally. Videos are a great way of keeping an audience engaged and that is why they get 50 times better organic page ranks in Google when compared to plain text. As a website owner, you should use this to your advantage and include more engaging videos in your content. By using enough videos, you will be able to improve your page on the search engine results page.

Move your website to HTTPS

According to SEO experts, website owners are recommended to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. This is because the S in HTTPS stands for security meaning if you use it your website is more secure. To improve security, Google which is the number one search engine eagerly wants websites to move to HTTPS and even consider websites that are secure in the search engine rankings.